pk10开奖结果在云的大时代,安畅是唯一一家专注于企业级市场提供管理式云服务(Managed Cloud)的公司。依托于在全球运营的15个数据中心,3个云计算节点及自有的DCI及BGP网络, 200+G带宽出口, 3个B的 IP地址,20000+家活跃企业用户,230多名员工,超过150名技术工程师,安畅将与全球范围内的公有云、数据中心、私有云系统厂商合作,通过统一的云服务平台和遍布全球的FastFiber网络,帮助企业用户构建多元化的混合云IT环境,满足各种不同的业务需求,逐步成为中国领先的云服务集成商,并在云计算行业的爆发期,进入未来三年的业绩爆发阶段。

Inthe era of cloud computing, Anchnet is the only one focused on the enterprisemarket to provide Managed Cloud Services company. Relying on operations of 15 datacenters , three cloud computing nodes and its own DCI and BGP network, 200 + Gbandwidth of export, IP address 3 B, and 20,000+ active  enterprises users, more than 230 employeesand 150 technical engineers.In the future, Anchnet will cooperate withworldwide public cloud, data center and private cloud systems manufactures,through the cloud service managedment platform and FastFiber network all overthe world, to help enterprise users to build a wide range of hybrid cloud ITenvironment to satisfy different needs of the business, and gradually becomeChina's leading cloud service integration(CSI), and the outbreak of the cloudcomputing industry, to enter next three years the performance outbreak stage.